4 Tips For Better Sex With Your Partner – Make Sex Hotter With These Spicy Bedroom Ideas!

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You and your partner have sex down to a science. In fact, it is so predictable that you know what is going to happen down to the minute. And you are bored! But before you run out and have an affair or end the relationship, give these tips a try. You may find yourself in bed with an entirely new partner.

1. Foreplay

Sex is not just about the act of making love. In fact, it is a time when you and your partner can spend time together in a way that is not shared with anyone else. This should be a sacred time. Sex is not just about the orgasm, it is about enjoying the time leading up to it. Don’t feel that you have to start in the bedroom. Start in the kitchen while cleaning up after dinner. Or maybe while watching TV.

Foreplay is not limited to sexual acts either. Everyone has “that spot”. It could be a nibble on the back of the neck, or a kiss on the wrist. Find that spot on your partner. This small touch may be something that can be done anywhere. You could be shopping or at a movie, and that one small move could lead to something much hotter than you ever expected.

Make foreplay a part of your life. Make out like teenagers on the couch or the back seat of the car. Don’t overthink what you are going to do, just let it happen. By the time you actually get to act of sex itself both of you will be so turned on it will be impossible for the sex to be boring.

2. Be Spontaneous

It is 10pm on Friday night. Time for sex. Looking at the clock is not exactly the hottest way to get turned on. If each time you have sex with your partner it is preceded by Andy Rooney or Jay Leno, it is time to shake things up. Women, climb on your partner while he is eating his supper. Men, take a bubble bath with your partner by candlelight. Don’t plan this. Run the bath, light the candles, and bring her to the bathroom. Take off her clothes, slowly of course, and take it from there.

If you are out for a drive on a desolate road, pull over and find a field, or even the back seat. Don’t plan this. Start by rubbing your partners leg and move on from there.

3. Talk About Your Fantasies

Your sex life may not be what you want because you aren’t having your needs met. Time to start talking. You don’t have to go right to the deepest fantasies you have, but start with the light ones. From there, you can take baby steps to things that are a little more risque.

If you are shy about this, use books or movies to show your partner. All you have to say is how much you would like to try that. Send an e-mail. You may find out that both of you are on the same page and didn’t even know it.

4. Experiment in the Bedroom

Experimentation does not have to involve anything crazy. You don’t have to install additional hardware or anything that drastic. Switch it up. Try some new positions. Maybe start using some sex toys. Act out the fantasies you have already discussed with your partner.

If you are still not sure about how to do this, use adult videos to start things off. The most important thing is that you are communicating your desires to your partner, and in turn, you are hearing his or hers.

So there you have it. Your sex life is just like anything else. If it gets boring or repetitive, switch it up a bit. After all, if you are tired of boiled potatoes, mash them instead. Same potato, whole new flavor!