Erotic Toys – Are Sex Toys Replacing Penises?

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Gone are the days where you have to visit an adult store in person to purchase your erotic toys, which may have left you feeling a little embarrassed as you discreetly tried to satisfy your sexual desires. In fact, in today’s ever broadening cyber community, you are able to find a multitude of sex toys to fulfill your needs and suit your own personal tastes without having to personally discuss your needs with anyone, and you can do this discreetly from the comfort of your home.

In fact, one online store I visited had more than 150 different erotic toys for sale, and these were made of different materials, such as rubber, plastic and even glass, and they came in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and many actually looked like penises.

So, while it is true that the variety of erotic toys are numerous and that many are shaped to look like penises, does this mean that they are actually replacing penises?

According to medical studies and surveys, most women believe that a sex toy cannot replace penises because many women feel that, while erotic sex toys enhance their sexual pleasure and sex life, they are unable to replace the intimacy or emotional and physical connection that was generated during sexual intercourse. In fact, most women said that they liked the touch and feel of a man during sex above all else, and this was undoubtedly a factor that many men instantly warmed to.

However, according to these same medical studies, some men felt that the use of erotic toys during sex, with their partner, would make them feel as though they were inadequate as lovers, or, worse still, that their partner would eventually prefer using sex toys to penises and having sexual intercourse with them. This was an issue that sex experts felt needed to be discussed.

When asked about their thoughts on sex toys, most sex experts said that they recommend that all couples, regardless of sexual orientation, should have a least one sex toy in their drawer as these little wonders enable both partners to feel sexually fulfilled and to reach climax as well as add a little spice to the bedroom. As a matter of fact, most sex experts believed that the greatest killer of sexual intimacy for a couple was the lack of excitement or the risk of sex becoming all too familiar.

The Berman Center in Chicago recently conducted a study on Female Sexuality and found that, of the one in five women who use self-stimulation at least once a week, 60% of these women use a sexual device to reach climax.

But, before you rush out and buy sex toys and then introduce them in the bedroom, make sure that you discuss their introduction with your partner beforehand and that the both of you are comfortable with trying out and experimenting with erotic toys in the bedroom.  Whipping out sex toys during sex may be very intimidating and result in you or your partner’s feeling being hurt.